About Suzuki

In 2009, Suzuki turned 100 years old and today we still strive to deliver on the wide range of cars, 4WD's, motorcycles and marine products that offer excellent value for money and exceptional reliability.

Suzuki, though, does come from pretty humble beginnings. Michio Suzuki founded the company in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1909 as a producer of Looms, a device used for weaving textiles.

During the post WWII period, Suzuki's motorized bike - the Power Free - earned a reputation for quality and reliability. It was followed up by the 125 cc Colleda motorcycle and the pioneering Suzulight lightweight car that stimulated Japan's automotive revolution. Michio Suzuki's focus was on a reliable, affordable method of transportation.

Each of these vehicles were significant developments as they were engineered by optimizing the most advanced technologies of the period.

Since 1955, Suzuki Motor Corporation has grown from strength to strength and is today available in 192 countries worldwide.

Suzuki Auto South Africa is committed to building on the legacy of Michio Suzuki by offering technologically advanced and reliable vehicles that offer exceptional value. It is with great pride that the Suzuki Celebrates 100 years of innovation and offering products that truly are the "WAY OF LIFE".

For more information on Suzuki's business philosophies, please visit our corporate web site at http://www.globalsuzuki.com/.